Why Ambience Data?

Real-Time Monitoring

Our end-to-end IoT platform is a complete real-time monitoring system that provides you with instant access to live data.

Notification System

Stay informed and receive automated data alerts on your mobile phone whenever our sensors detect data levels that exceed customizable thresholds set by you.

Ambience Insights

Our platform easily integrates with numerous device and sensor types to provide a secure and scalable IOT pipeline. It utilizes big data to perform meaningful data analytics, providing you with important data insights to make more informed business decisions.

Ambience Data IoT Platform


Our focus on using open standards and protocols enables us to integrate a wide range of devices. We build our own hardware and provide an extensive catalog of sensors for you to choose from to customize your monitoring needs.


All of our devices are part of the IOT and are wirelessly connected to our cloud so that your data is securely stored and always available.


Get access to live data at your fingertips on our Mobile App.

Different From The Rest


Our web based dashboard is where you can fully manage your IoT monitoring system – no programming required. Display intuitive visualizations of your live and historic data in the form of charts, graphs, and maps; download your data as a spreadsheet; customize your monitoring system settings; create and receive written data reports using our reporting template system, and much more, all in one place.

Big Data

Combining our sensor information with customer data and open source data, we build predictive models using cutting edge machine learning techniques that are unique to you and your IOT needs.

Data Security

Our unique algorithm identifies devices and protects the data generated by client’s devices and masters. It enables smart management and sharing of your data on a restricted network, ensuring data integrity.

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