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    We are passionate about your health
    Air quality is a major factor in your health and knowing what you
    breathe is a first step to improving air quality for all of us
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    Our goal is not to tell you what the pollen
    and pollution levels are expected to be across your
    city today, but what they are right now in the park down
    the road from where you live.
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    We employ the most innovative technology
    Our technology combines state-of-the-art particulate detection units
    and leading-edge analytical software to allow individuals, municipalities
    and businesses to access and analyse local air quality data.

Welcome to Ambience Data

If you are interested in air quality information in your area you have come to the right place. We provide free, live and accurate air pollution data in your area. Sign Up and always have this information at your fingertips.

What We Do

Our Mission

Provide the most accurate, detailed, up to date and local air quality data to people, communities and organizations.

Our Vision

Enable millions of people to access local air quality data and provide municipalities, goverments and private sector entities with air quality analytics on a local scale.

Benefits of Ambience Data:

  • Measure and manage harmful air pollutants. What can be measured can be managed!
  • Provide health information to individuals to make informed decisions regarding the air they breathe
  • Help protect the environment by providing statistical evidence on the pollutant impacts

We are passionate about your health

Air quality is a major factor in our health. Knowing about the air we breathe is as important as knowing the ingredients in the food we consume and quality of water we drink. However, air doesn’t come in labelled packages and as a result, we unknowingly breathe in contaminated air and expose ourselves to various health hazards.

So we made it our mission to give you the ability to know whether the air around you is safe to breathe.

Health is wealth. If you believe so, then you came to the right place.

Epidemiologists have established the relationships between air pollutants and cardiovascular diseases. However, the present monitoring capacity on these pollutants in terms of location, types and patterns is very limited. Research also shows that air pollutant concentration can vary greatly within an area spanning a few blocks.

Knowing precisely the location, the types and the causes of these pollutants is the key to properly addressing the health and environmental concerns they bring. The challenge now is how to collect real-time, location-secific data and convert it into real-time, location- specific information for end users.

We are up for the challenge. So we developed state-of-the-art air quality sensors that will be installed in multiple locations across major cities. These monitors will then be wirelessly connected to various data networks. For cities the size of Toronto, 1000 sensor stations will be deployed in order to determine the air quality at street level. The large quanity of sensor stations will enable detailed understanding of the pollution movement and distribution.

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